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Turn Back the Years with Cosmetic Acupuncture

woman cosmetic acupuncture

4 Natural Anti-Aging Treatments

Looking for natural ways to look younger? Try one of these anti-aging treatments.

The Berry Treatment

Looking younger can be as simple as loading up on berries when you visit the grocery store. Raspberries, strawberries, cranberries and blueberries all offer antioxidant benefits. Eating these fruits can prevent the cells in your body from aging prematurely.

Skin Needling

Pricking your face with tiny needles may not seem like a great idea, but proponents say that needling is virtually painless and is very effective in triggering your body's natural collagen production process. Needling is performed by rolling a handheld device containing 200 needles over the surface of your skin. The treatment can help anti-aging topical medications penetrate your skin and is also used for scar and stretch mark reduction.


Juice fasts or raw foods or whole foods cleanses detoxify your body. Cleanses can improve your complexion because they tend to remove the foods that can trigger inflammatory responses that affect your face.


Signs of stress tend to show in your face, making you look older. Meditation helps you clear your mind of stressors, which allows the muscles in your face to relax. Meditation takes some practice, but it offers many health benefits, including better cardiovascular health, improved immune system function and lower blood pressure. As you master meditation techniques, you may notice some of the lines and wrinkles on your face may become less prominent.

Do facial wrinkles or sagging skin make you look older than you feel? Although cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures can reduce signs of aging, they do not always produce the best results. Luckily, looking younger does not have to involve surgery or needles. Cosmetic acupuncture offers a natural way to reduce the effects of aging.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture is an ancient Asian medical practice based on the principle that a life force called Qi runs through your body. Qi can become blocked at various points, affecting your health. Acupuncture practitioners use hair-thin needles to unblock Qi and relieve pain and other symptoms. Acupuncture is often used to treat headaches, neck and back pain, high blood pressure, TMJ, anxiety and other conditions, but it is also helpful in reducing the signs of aging.

How Will Acupuncture Improve My Appearance?

Acupuncture treatments help you look more youthful by:

  • Reducing lines and wrinkles by relaxing muscle tension
  • Improving circulation in the face, which can result in a youthful, healthy glow
  • Triggering collagen production, a natural protein needed for firm skin
  • Improving muscle tone and volume
  • Decreasing the depth and size of wrinkles
  • Improving skin color and texture
  • Decreasing facial puffiness and bags under the eyes
  • Toning jowls and neck area
  • Fading age spots
  • Balancing hormones that can contribute to aging in women
  • Brightening the eyes
  • Plumping the lips

In addition to improving your appearance, acupuncture treatments help you look and feel younger by treating underlying health problems that may contribute to aging. If you have trouble sleeping, acupuncture can help relieve your insomnia, which will help you look rested and alert. Pain can often show in the face. Treating pain caused by back pain, gastrointestinal issues or other conditions and diseases may have a significant effect on your appearance.

Stress affects every part of your body, including your face. When you are relaxed, your muscles will also relax, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Where Will My Acupuncturist Place the Needles?

Some needles will be placed in your face and neck, but others may be put in other areas that correspond to a particular blockage site. Because the needles are so thin, you will probably only feel a mild pricking sensation.

When Will I Begin to See Results?

In most cases, you will notice results after one visit, although you will probably require additional visits to experience the full benefits of cosmetic acupuncture. Visiting your acupuncturist on a regular basis will help you maintain your appearance.

What Else Can I Do to Look Younger?

Your acupuncturist considers the entire person when working patients and may make a few recommendations that will help you improve your health and look younger and more rested. He or she may suggest a few dietary changes or recommend supplements that can help you look your best.

Do you want to look younger without the pain or expense of cosmetic surgery? Call us and find out how we can help you reduce the signs of aging.


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